7 Signs Your Phone Addiction is Getting Worse Than a Drug Addiction


Some people would rather give you their head than their phone. The phone is literally their everything. From being their mirror, to their TV to their DJ to their browser to their clock to everything. For some of them, their phones have replaced actual people in their lives as their phones have become their bae and best friend. A lot of you actually reading this piece are guilty of this. Don’t think so/ Well, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you these things a phone addict does that you would immediately relate to, if you are one…


It just like using it like a drug but you don’t even know it. Its your companion when you are bored, tired, lazy, angry, lonely or whatever.

Right before you go to bed, the last thing you do before you slip into dreams land is check your phone and the minute you open your eyes, you check your phone.

You feel uncomfortable when you leave your smartphone at home or in the car, or when you have no service or your phone is broken.

It’s having a negative impact on your work, your academic performance, your home life, primary relationship, parenting, legal status but you don’t know it because you’re too busy checking your phone to lift up your head to real life.

When you have to save every vital and sometimes trivial information on your cell phone because you have lost the ability to remember anything that isn’t connected to your phone.

You are at a wedding, rather than enjoy the moment, you are busy staring at wedding photos you took on your phone while the actual event is taking place right in front of you.

You would rather have your phone by your side when sleeping or somewhere really close so you could reach it at the slightest moment.

So are you…


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