7 Things Anyone Still Friends With Their Ex Can Totally Relate With


Some people have absolutely no qualms, when it comes to staying friends with an ex. Even when they are married, they could swear that remaining friends with a ex-lover means nothing. We all know that a platonic friendship between two exes can be a lot of work. You have history and a past together, and that easily makes things complicated. Anyone who has ever stayed friends with an ex, definitely knows what it feels like to be in that situation but in case you have never been there, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 7 things that most definitely happens…

Tension: When you are in a good relationship but your ex isn’t and you guys have managed to be friends after your break up. You think he/she is happy just being friends with you, the truth is that, its just an excuse for the ex to be around you, and that could eventually lead to something else and every opportunity they get, they are trying to get you back.

You can’t move on: If you decide to be friends with your ex, there really is no way you’re totally moving on from them. Nothing feels more sad than being stock with someone who is no longer into you, while you spend your whole life wondering if you could make it work again. For instance, when you see your ex totally happy with someone else and there’s a possibility you still have feelings for your ex, and every time you see them together something dies inside of you.

Friends don’t get it: Everyone who knew you guys have been dating for a long time and have no idea you have broken up because you have decided to stay friends, they still regard you as lovers and you’re hoping the new person in your life doesn’t find this ridiculous – but you know they would.

Hater:When you get to finally meet their new boo and you size them from head to toe and you start dancing shoki in your mind because they don’t measure up to you. You’re like ‘you left me for this?’ in your head – you go home happy and satisfied.

Crushed: When you meet heir new boo and you find them too cool and you are cursing yourself for looking the way you do in your mind. Every 5 minutes you spend in that meeting is like 5 years, all you really want to do is let the ground up and swallow you.

Odd ‘I miss you’ times: When you totally think you are over your ex, and he/she sends you this type of text out of the blues and you are left between the devil and the deep blue sea. You’re not sure anymore whether you have really moved on.

Post old photos of you both: When your ex posts old romantic photos of both of you on social media then tags you and there you are praying your new boo doesn’t see it because might get mad by it.

Has any of these ever happened to you???