7 Totally True Struggles of Every Nigerian Tomboy


Being a Nigerian Tomboy is not a joke because you have to be very strong-willed and determined to make it through each day without be crushed to death by people’s attitude. INFORMATION NIGERIA has compiled 7 Tomboy struggles, you will really nod to if you are one…

Hate shopping: You always just wonder why people walk round and round mall in the name of buying new clothes, when they could just chill and wear baggy shorts and Tees and tennis shoes. You only need a few pairs unlike dresses and heels.

You get the look every time: People have a problem just glancing at you once and letting you go. They make it their life duty to glance, stare and drool at you when you appear.

You get the ‘look’ when you dress like a girl: Because everyone was probably expecting you to stroll down in on of your baggy short and T-shirt. You totally stunned everyone and showed up in a skirt and heels and you’re like the queen of the moment because they can’t stop staring.

Walking in heels: You would rather back dirt than wear heels because they feel like total work and you feel like a chicken trying to do cat walk when you even dare. The struggle is real.

People just naturally assume you are possessed: Because it isn’t normal for a girl to act like a boy and actually go out of her way to really dress like a boy, do boy stuff in this part of the world, then you are seen as being possessed by a demon. Even if it is legion, your parents are going to see to it that the strongest pastor in Nigeria delivers you.

Acting like a girl is hard work: You look at other females around you and you just wonder how easy it is for them to be who they are(girls). For you its like mission impossible. You would rather watch football and analyse it with the guys than waste your time watching African magic.

Makeup is ridiculous: You don’t like makeup, it feels like a mask every time and even if you did like it and it doesn’t feel like a mask, getting yourself to actually do it properly would be harder than rocket science.

True or not???

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