7 Very Funny Struggles of Every Side Chick

When you are not your boo’s boo but think you are, then that’s a bit bearable but when it is very clear that you are in fact the other woman, then that’s totally pathetic but some women don’t care. Either their self esteem is so low that they think they can’t get their own man or they feel there are things being a side boo will get them that being the main chick can’t. Anyways, no matter the case, there are certain things a side chick feels, want to know? Well, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 7 of them in this piece…

-When you want to take a photo with bae and upload on your Facebook but he seriously objects because he doesn’t want a situation where a friend of a friend of a friend of Madam sees the photo.

-When bae always takes you to a hotel or his friends place or prefers to come over to your place instead but all you really want to do, is to go spend 5mins at his place but that is impossible!

-When he doesn’t want you coming to his place unannounced and the day you try it, he gives you a warning never to do such and hurries you away with a very ridiculous excuse.

-When your friends have the liberty to hang out with their boos at shoprite, open parks or conspicuous restaurants but you only get to see at places with minimal lighting.

-Special occassions are always spent with loved ones but bae either shows up say on the 13th or 15th of february, which is a day before or after Valentines day.

-When all your friends are getting engaged but you know bae is never going to pop the question because you know what you are a ‘side boo’.

-When your parents  especially your mom can’t stop bugging you about brnging your ‘guy’ home to meet them but you know you can’t and have to lie that you’re not seeing anyone.

True or false???



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