9 Signs You Are Not The Main Girl But His Side Chick


Most guys are known to keep multiple partners either because their real beau as they call it is not around or because of promiscuity. Either ways, there would have been some handwriting which the lady who they often refer to as side chick often fail to spot. It is in lieu of this that INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together signs that suggest that you may not be the main person in your his life.

most of his discussion with you is about sex or romance.

When he invites you to his house and the first 10minutes he is reaching out for your goodies; you are not even done with the fanta and gala he offered you.

You’re Never Invited To A Family Gathering

If you have never met a guy’s parents and siblings or haven’t been to any events that include his friends, this is an indicator that you’re his Side chick buh not the “Main Chick”.

He Hates Surprises
Your man doesn’t want you to come unannounced, without notifications. So if he constantly says he hates surprise visits, it’s time to get concerned.

Protective Of His Phone

He has a password on his phone and makes sure to lock it after every time he uses it.When the phone rings, it either goes into another room to take the call, ignores it completely, or turns the volume down super low so that you can’t possibly hear a thing that is being said.

Refuses To Show Affection In Public

If you grab his hand and he pulls his hand away, or you never get a kiss or hug, or you never get too close when you’re out together, this could be a sign that you’re 100% side chick.

Avoids Having Selfie With You

If you notice that your guy is dodging selfies like “Bullets” whenever you tilt your phone to take a picture..He’s afraid his Main chick might see the pic.

Strange Calls

He dials or receive calls from a strange number. He always has to pick it, he never tells you who it was.But you know that it is not his mom or sibling. Sometimes the number might not be stored in his phone contact.That’s a sign to check it all up, because it can be the second(Main Chick).

He’s Not Calling You His Girlfriend

When it’s time to introduce you to his friends, colleagues or even relatives, he just introduces you with your name.And he never calls you his girlfriend or sweet words like “Dear, Honey, Bae. Etc among his circle.

Never Talks About The Future

Asking him about his views on the future of your relationship is like “Pulling Teeth”.In his mind he’s probably well aware that keeping you as the other woman won’t last long, so why plan on a future at all?



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