Bovi Wishes Nigeria’s Finests, ‘I Go Dye, Buchi, Odogwu’ Happy Birthday


Birthdays are often celebrated with gifts, party or delightfully indulging of friends and family but the most relishing part of the day is usually one punctuated by friends and family sharing past moments that are worthy of memories.

In that manner, the funny comedian with a typically natural vibe, Bovi, took to twitter today to wish three of Nigeria’s finest comedians a happy birthday. The three includes: I Go Dye, Buchi and Odogwu

He said: ‘Happy triple ripple birthday to three of Nigeria’s finest comedians. @igodye_ @buchicomedian @odogwu_comedian . Once upon a time in their lives, one was an electrician apprentice, the other, a house boy and the third, a vagabond. Can you tell who was what???’



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