Buhari Needs To Stop Building Things Around Himself And Rather Build Systems – Disu

Buhari-Osinbajo and Udoma

Veteran journalist and public commentator Jimi Disu has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to stop his micro-management style of leadership as a country cannot be run that way.

Buhari is well read and has good intentions, but I wish we had a presidential system where we had a prime minister. In which case, Buhari will take hold of defense and other matters, while the Prime Minister will be the one to do the day-to-day administration of the country. I do not think Buhari will have that capacity for modern governance and it shows,” Disu told Vanguard in an interview.

“In modern governance, you can’t micro-manage a country; you have to delegate. Your first function is to look for competent people. Do you think it was for nothing that President Obama appointed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? The Secretary of State in American system is usually an alter-president. That’s where I think Buhari’s shortcomings started showing. He even appointed himself as Oil Minister.

“You don’t build things around yourself; you build systems. You must be able to find somebody who can be the substantive Oil Minister. Look at the disaster we have now – one year of that same government, we don’t have fuel. You can’t continue to give excuses especially in the area of petroleum. You can’t still keep pointing fingers at Jonathan.

“When are you going to stop doing that? Even though Buhari is a fine gentleman, 50 times better than the other one, I think a combination of his age and the fact that governance has changed since he was Head of State 30 years ago, are really not helping matters.

“Look at me; I’m 60 plus. At my age, I can’t successfully run a PR company again; the most I can be is a Chairman. It’s for the young people, 40 plus and all; they know all the new terms. Even in journalism, it would be foolhardy to tell me to come and edit a paper or set up a magazine. I can only be a consultant and give directions,” Disu said.

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