Does Nigeria Need The $2 billion Chinese Loan??? Well, Here’s What Fayose Thinks!!!


The Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose, has made his opposition to the proposed $2 billion loan being sought by the Federal Government of Nigeria very clear as he has written to the Chinese Government not to yield to the request because he feels the loans will further put Nigeria in trouble. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 4 points Fayose made, then tell us if you agree with him…

-According to him, Nigerians were “totally opposed to increment of the country’s debt burden, which is already being serviced with 25 per cent of the Federal Government annual budget.

-He insists that some of the projects for which the loan was being sought were not captured in the 2016 budget.

-He noted that the 2016 budget, which the FG borrowing for, is yet to be signed by President, Muhammadu Buhari, owing to unending controversies between the Executive and the Legislative arms of government.

-Fayose added that if the future of Nigeria must be protected, then the loan must not be given.

What is your take???


  • Every one knows in Nigeria that Fayose is suffering from selective amnesia. The only thing Buhari can do to get rid of the idiot is to declare a state of emergency in Ekiti State because the continuation of Fayose as governor of Ekiti state is going to end in disaster as many of Ekiti indigenes may end up in psychiatric homes

  • I hope this clown of a governor stops running his mouth on issues he know little about. The govt is in serious quagmire and looking for ways to assuage the decaying economy due to fall in oil price. We all agree that APC were not prepared for goverance but the truth is that they came into office in inauspicious time which has not helped matters. They need time for things to bed-in but for us the masses our patience is begining to wear thin.
    I would agree with Fayose if he was proffering a better solution on how we can diversify the economy in the face of dwindling oil price. It’s early days to start suggesting that the monies realised from the TSA account, anti graft war, etc have all gone into a sinkhole.

  • Am sure the good and innocent people of Ekiti will forever regret. having this man as their ruler. Cos the so called elections that brought him in lhas remained very questionable based on the revelations so far. No doubt his days are numbered. Let him continue to talk from both sides of his mouth.

  • It’s very unfortunate that people like Gov. Fayose could rise to the position of Governor in a state like Ekiti state, very unfortunate.

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