Fans attack rapper, The Game for showing off d**k on Instagram


Hardcore American rapper, The Game, recently developed a thing for showing off his eggplant on social media.

Apparently, his many fans on Instagram seem to have gotten tired of seeing it.

The controversial rapper dropped another one of his raunchy pictures flaunting just how huge he is “down there” on his Instagram on April 12 and his fans just want him to stop or be charged for abuse! Yikes!

The Game's raunchy eggplant photo

In the latest picture, The Game is wearing a pair of pants but made sure we could see the highlight.

Besides flaunting his multiple tattoos and his bulge biceps, the rapper’s hard d**k also came to share the spotlight.

One fan wrote, “Yawn”.

Another wrote, “Over this.” Another said, “I think I just want his bathroom.” While the other wrote, “Lmao I seen that and just shook my head. I was at a loss for words.”