Freeze Tells Seun Egbegbe: “Apologize To Toyin Aimakhu”


Famous Cool FM OAP has shared his thoughts on the broken relationship between Seun Egbegbe and actress Toyin Aimakhu.

Toyin who has been having issues on social media following her breakup with Seun Egbegbe, finally has someone supporting her.

Freeze in an Instagram post defended the actress and praised her for staying strong even though her ex dragged her name in the mud angrily.

Seun, what you did to her would drown most women but not Toyin, as she personifies the strength of a woman, under pressure she didn’t crack! She ‘chested’ it like we used to say back in secondary school, when a teacher flogged you and you pretended like it didn’t hurt! It didn’t remove the agony from the situation, it just showed that the combined force of her inner strength and high pain threshold, have done a ‘back to sender’, thereby reversing the consequence of Your action and the joke is now on you,” he wrote.

My advice is, do her an apology for what you have said and move on, hopefully you guys can still be friends and gain from each other, one way or another. And while your at it, please stop talking and granting interviews because honestly………we have laughed enough!

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