Fuel Scarcity: Workers Are Suffering – NLC

fuel scarcity

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), yesterday, highlighted the woes workers are passing through as a result of the ongoing scarcity of petrol.

NLC President Ayuba Wabba said the crisis has affected workers productivity adversely nationwide.

“If you look at the scenario it is a reoccurring decimal, people are facing serious fuel challenges from one day to the other.

“This is affecting productivity, it also put workers on unnecessary and undue pressure because you know that the salary is fixed.

“Anytime there is an increase in any commodity either power or petroleum product certainly it deplete that available income at the disposal of the worker.

“So, it is workers that are at the receiving end and in that way you can see that the workers will begin to come late and the management will say you are coming late without making a redress on the alarm factor.

“Those are the clear issues and I think that government must look at the policies and tackle the situation head long,” he said.

He noted that the issue of fuel scarcity had been on since 1999 and there was need for drastic action to be taken.

“It means that the prescription for solving the fuel situation cannot take us to the promise land.

“Then if it cannot take us to the promise land, why should we continue to do just a quick fix on this very major issue?”

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  • Is it only workers that are suffering? The whole nation is suffering. Picket the marketers for their role in the scarcity.

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