How To Win A Girl Over In 7 Minutes


Nollywood movies amuse me as much as they frighten me. I spent a greater part of my childhood watching them and over time, certain movie scenes shaped the way I behave. For instance, a memory from a popular 90’s movie makes it difficult for me to accept a free ride from a total stranger. Also, I am wary of accepting gifts from people I do not know, especially when it’s a consumable product.

In order not to be termed as ‘daddy’s girl’, I always have my excuses ready.

“Do you drink beer?”
“No. I have zero tolerance for alcohol.”
“Do I offer you water?”
“I drank almost a litre before I got here.”
“I have cut down on my sugar intake.”
“There’s food in the….”
“I am fasting.”

One fateful afternoon, I visited a new friend. I was certain he was not going to believe me when I said I had my regular one litre of water because I was sweating heavily and almost dying of thirst due to the scorching Kaduna sun.
My new friend offered me a drink but as usual I refused. He then placed the chilled can of Orijin Zero on the center table and excused himself hastily.


This is a new one. I thought.
One minute, he wasn’t back,
Two minutes, I picked up the can and shook it, scanning for visible holes.

Five minutes after, I thought I was being paranoid.
Seven minutes after, ‘let me even taste only one drop,’ I thought to myself. In less than a minute, I was draining the last contents in the can into my mouth.
I guess certain drinks are worth making exceptions for.

700 x 495

Orijin Zero is 100% natural, herbal, non-alcoholic soft drink that has less sugar than regular soft drink, a drink that will challenge you to ‘Rethink Your Soft Drink’.


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