Meet the Ghanaian monarch who works as a mechanic in Germany and rules his people via Skype [PHOTOS]


67 year old King Togbe Ngoryifia Cephas Kosi Bansah pictured at his mechanic workshop in Germany is the superior and spiritual chief of Ewe people of Gbi kingdom in Eastern Ghana. He may be a king in his country but he works as a full-time mechanic in Germany. He governs his people over Skype.

Céphas grew up in Ghana but he moved to Germany in 1970 before he was appointed king. His kingdom consists of 300,000 Ewe people. He originally moved to Germany when his grandfather, the then king, encouraged him to train there as a mechanic.

After finishing his studies and gaining full citizenship, he settled and set up his own garage in Ludwigshafen. He continued living a peaceful life until 1987 when he received a Fax which would change his life forever.

His grandfather, the King of Hohoe, had died and Bansah’s father and eldest brother were deemed unfit to rule because they were left-handed, which the Ewe people considered to be ‘unclean’. This meant that Céphas was his grandfather’s successor, and the new king.

He now lives in Ludwigshafen with his wife Gabriele Bansah, 57 and his two children Carlo and Katharina, continuing his job as a mechanic and his role as King. He uses Skype to govern his people and still visits Ghana up to eight times per year.

Source: UK Daily Mail

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