Mother Bites Off Daughter’s Ear For Sleeping With Her Boyfriend In Delta


An Alleged polyandrous wife identified as Chiekube Igbinosa in Akumazi community, Ika North East local government area of Delta State, at the weekend allegedly bit off the daughter’s ear and stabbed her with broken bottles over her boyfriend. Sources said the fight took place around camp 74 behind Ibori Golf course within the Asaba campus of the Delta State University. The 46-year-old woman said to have been the first love of an Ibo building materials’ trader who was said to have been deported to Nigeria three years ago from Spain. The loverboy allegedly hoodwinked the woman’s daughter into a relationship.

The girl in question who recently graduated from a university in the South-south region was visiting her mother after her Youth Service in Rivers State. While their love relationship blossomed, the unsuspecting mother kept showering the lover boy with gifts, including part of her monthly salaries. But this was not to be when the daughter identified as Mabel Igbinosa flippantly opened up to her friend about her relationship with the Igbo man building materials trader, including how he made love to her. The mother was on red alert after the friend secretly let out the discussion to her.
Expectedly, the woman had gone to the Igbo man’s house wearing unsuspecting appearance around Okwe Quarters, Asaba when she was sent to Mile 5 not too far from the man’s residence to buy fish while the daughter who sighted the mother ran into a neighbour’s room to hide. Upon her return from Mile 5, she was sent on another errand by her boyfriend faraway from the house.She knew something was up and hid around the neighbourhood and after a few minutes, the daughter sneaked into the man’s room where the bubble burst. Sources said the mother stormed a nearby neighbour’s room where she laid siege waiting for her daughter to come out.
Hell was let loose after what was described to be marathon sex exercise, the girl sauntered out of the room, unknown to her that the mother was around. She was said to have pounced on her and allegedly bit off her ear before stabbing her with broken bottles. During the fight, police were invited to the scene where they whisked away the woman, daughter and the lover boy to a police station. But the police public Relations officer of the state, DSP Celestina Kalu who confirmed the arrest of the woman and others, said investigation was ongoing in the matter, adding that the daughter had been taken to the hospital for treatment.