NEPA on Strike, 4 Things People With No Light in Their Area Totally Get

We hear some areas in Nigeria have not had electricity for a while. Some claim that those in charge of distributing electricity are on strike, other because of a faulty transformer while some just couldn’t take the outrageous bills anymore so they decided to stay away. Every Nigerian knows there is a form of unspeakable joy when you enjoy uninterrupted light for some days something people outside Nigeria will never get. So, anyone who is currently experiencing the regular interruption but knows it will come at some point have more to be thankful for than those who know it isn’t coming at all because of the aforementioned reasons. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 6 things those kind iof people know too well…




No enthusiasm to go home; You feel better rushing off to work or anywhere else where there is electricity than staying at home or coming back home after a long day at home. Your boss might start to wondering why you’re always one of the last to leave and may even be considering naming you the employee of the month but has no idea you want to make sure your phone battery is totally full and overflowing before you go home.

No fuel; Because the queues at the petrol station are still there and prices are now higher than normal, your  situation is even more pathetic.

Heat; The vengeance at which the sun blazes these days is something every one in Nigeria at the moment can totally testify to. You have to cope with the terrible heat because you have no light to at least turn the fan on and ease your struggle a bit so you just take it out on your hand fan or the next available thing that could produce air to you.


No water; A lot of people need electricity to pump water which  you do not have, so you  have to cope with the stress of fetching water 3 or 4 blocks away almost every day.

Do you have light in your area???


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