Nigerian Army Is Cohesive, Says Spokesperson, Denies Report Of Tribal War In Barracks

Sani Usman-Nigerian ArmyThe Nigerian Army has denied reports of a tribal war among soldiers in an Army Barracks in Enugu State.
The Director, Army Public Relations, Sani Usman, said the reports are a “deliberate
and calculated campaign of calumny aimed at misleading the public and cause disaffection among troops”.
The army spokesman also said the reports were circulated in the social media by a faceless and obviously subversive group named ‘EASTERN RADIO’.
According to Mr. Usman, a Colonel, the group created and posted a story titled “Tribal War at Army Barracks, 82 Division Enugu Three Soldiers Feared Dead” on various social media platforms.
In the write up, he said the group alleged that there was an altercation in an unnamed barracks in 82 Division over nomination for “peacekeeping operations”, which led to exchange of gunfire among imaginary troops that resulted in loss of lives.
“Apart from obvious flaws and inconsistency in the narration, the Nigerian Army wishes to emphatically state that no such incident occurred anywhere in the Nigerian Army, let alone 82 Division.
“In fact, the alleged reported incident existed only in the obviously negatively skewed minds of the authors of such fabrication”, he said.
Usman added that the intention of the group is to cause distrust amongst Nigerian troops and the country’s populace at large.
He, however, said the group will not succeed because “the Nigerian Army is cohesive”.
“Their methodology is to employ such campaign of calumny and distortion of an established reign of peaceful, harmonious and esprit-de-corps culture in 82 Division and the entire Nigerian Army.
“However, the campaign is a failed one as the entire Nigerian Army remains indivisible, unprovoked and not gullible to such cheap and heinous insinuations”, he said.
Col. Usman, therefore, urged Nigerians to disregard the false story from such groups “and their affiliated secessionist groups as there is no iota of truth in the story”.
“We would like to inform the public that the 82 Division Nigerian Army is intact in all its locations and deployments, same goes for all the various formations, units, cantonments and barracks of the Nigerian Army.
“Above all, the Nigerian Army remains committed to providing aid to civil authority as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (As Amended) and wishes to assure the public of the Chief of Army Staff’s unalloyed commitment to protect lives and property whenever called upon to do so in line with extant provisions of the law.
“We wish to also reassure all well-meaning Nigerians that the Nigerian Army remains a national institution which emphasizes peace, unity and mutual co-existence devoid of any sentiments or such variables as ethnic, tribe or religious differences.
“Any attempt by any individual or group of persons to associate the military and indeed the Nigerian Army with such will be a total waste of time, energy and resources. We are proud professionals bound by discipline, unflinching love, loyalty, espirit-de-corps and love for our colleagues and our country. We would remain focused and would not be distracted by irritating campaigns of calumny or fabricated lies by some unscrupulous elements.
“It is therefore very imperative at this point to warn all those mischief makers to desist from these unpatriotic and obviously subversive acts in any guise”, he said.



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