Read as Emeka Ike puts Linda Ikeji on full blast – calls her hell’s witch


This shocked everyone, after someone in the comment section of DIAMOND CELEBRITIES’ post on Actor, Solomon Akiyesi calling his haters out has allegedly identified as the President of the AGN, Emeka Ike, used the medium to blast celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji.

The user wrote in the comment section:

“I’m so sorry, mate… that’s what we’ve ” all ” suffered in the hands of one “HELL” linda ikeji blogger … the Devils advocate… brand killer… blackmailer… cold witch in the dark… she’ has hurt us all , who hasn’t she harped on their popularity to sell her page Who? She goes for the very celebrated, celebrity , artists, politicians, reputed bankers, sports ICONS , huge businessmen etc big deal to “blackmail” , even your own NATION and duty bound to un- celebrate. “Ain’t these he’ll ” the world reads us only… negatively thru her eyes. All cooked up RUBISH in her hell coven . She’s unpatriotic… Linda is hell . I’ve suffered my portion of her deep fangs into my life, my career, my businesses , my marriage et’el. She’s hell witch … and we have kept quiet 4 too long , ( now she’s on WIZKID one of Nigeria’s best ambassador) u don’t survive by bringing others down I even heard u are paid huge sum for doing this sometimes We’ve reported your case severally to security operative and will keep sensitizing NIGERIANS on your unpatriotic moves ,” you must not be celebrated where real stars are “.., u smartly broadcasts now thru your breeds. U hid. Nemesis will catch up with u on this one day LINDA and as a team…entertainers someday’ll rise against a LINDA IKEJI. Heard she pays jobless youths to reply her scandals, thereby assuming a social mind set in our moral and fair society with an evil intent to dislodge and gain page patronage … my name is, emeka ike, again”



  1. Emeka Ike, you are an unrepentant idiot. What is the secret on what Linda Ikeji wrote about you, your marriage, your unscropulous and irresponsible way of life?
    As much as I’ve known and reads LIB, she has never disemminated any news or carrys rumours that is never in the purview of an avid readers.

    We are the architect of our own misfortune. Emeka Ike, the several times you had beaten your wife to stupur, and to the point of death, was Linda Ikeji there? When you were ejected from your home in Omole Estate, was it not in the news before LIB futured it in her blog?

    Your recurring squabbles and court cases with Segun Arinze, Ibinabo Fabrisima were they the hand-work of LIB? The college you established and ran it aground, can you accuse LIB? Go and mend your ways. Stop whipping up sentiments against LIB.

    You are not even sensible for mentioning that irritant boy, called wizkid. He was only lucky to got out of the tight rope he entangled himself with due to Linda Ikeji’s humility and ever kind-heartedness to accept his apology, for his unguarded statement.

    Emeka Ike, do you not know what follows when a person’s character is maligned, impugned and assassinated? I may not blame you because you openly called your legally married wife an Ashawo (meaning prostitute). So for someone elso to have alleged that his Director (very insignificant and lowly in life) slept with LI, will be a glorifying news to your dirty mind.

    Look at this, Wife to Hulk Hogan’s friend (Wrestlemania champion), told her husband that she is so much in love with Mr. Hugan and would like to have sex with him. Her husband consented, then invited Hogan and arrangement was made for his wife and Hogan to meet in a hotel.

    On the chosen date, the lady and Hogan checked into the hotel and action began. Unknowingly to the two adults, the woman’s husband had already bugged the whole place with video cameras. Upon discovery, Hogan said and I quote ” I am terribly embarrassed and extremely trumatised, I will seek redress in court”.

    Some two weeks back, Hulk Hogan has won this case and was awared some millions of dollars as a compensation to damages done on his person and the woman.

    For Wizkid, to have apologised profusely to LI is the wisest thing for him to do, for he would have appeared before a high/appeal and supreme court Judges to proove it. Nonsense.

  2. Sometimes, I find it very difficult to understand this people who call themselves ‘stars’. So, you rejoice when the news about you is positive but go on a ranting spree when it doesn’t favour you. Hmm, And to think I was a fan of this guy pfffft. All this ‘blame it on Linda Ikeji’ outburst is becoming stale, methinks. Find something productive to do and leave this woman alone. Emeka Ike, please stop this nonsense, you’re too old for this .

  3. Emeka Emeka Emeka how many times did I call you. Change your style you beat up ur wife, can’t pay rent, failed in business and u are blaming Linda for all these. When you won ur case in court it was reported but u didn’t complain, now other truths about ur careless and uncivilized lifestyle is in d news you are ranting like a kid. I don’t forget d very cry of did unfortunate beauty DAT loved and married you

    Emma Ike says her hubby is constantly battering her. She narrated how the couple lost their school when her husband stopped her from managing it.
    Hear what Emma told the customary court yesterday:
    “It was when my husband beat me mercilessly I believed that people truly saw stars whenever they were unconscious. It was my brother who took me to the hospital where I spent two months. There was also a day I was feeding our last child with tea, my husband, out of anger took the tea and poured it on my head.
    pls don’t let us raise ur case again. u don’t deserve the publicity

  4. Emeka Ike or whatever bullshit you call yourself, you are such an idiot! What do you mean by Linda pay jobless youths to comment on her posts? How much does Linda have to pay millions of youths who enjoy and embrace her write-ups about y’all rotten celebrity attitudes. Look young man, if you got a problem with nature deal with it and stop blaming Linda about your miserable mishaps

  5. LInda needs to tone it down a bit. One can report any story 5 different ways. She doesn’t always have to insinuate or take a negative stand; report the damn story and wait for comments. She is a blogger NOT commentator.

  6. those who beat up dia wife and pour hot tea on a woman breastfeeding his own baby can never see anything wrong with DAT little boy WizKid insulting and threatening Linda. Pls Linda don’t be moved. All they want is to bring u into dia clique of irresponsibility be on your own and tell us d truth. Bia come to think of it, am I among the people dat untrained Mbano boy is referring as “Jobless Youths”?

  7. I find joy in most earlier write ups. Linda is simply doing a job. She is a matured minded lady and we all like a grass to grace story. Many wants to cover up there dirty ways of life by supporting wizkid’s dirty attitude and outburst. Well i dont blame the so called upcoming singers/celebs, respect for elders is gradually eroding from our culture. Listen to their so celebrated music even means little or nothing in the real face of good moral individuals. Linda na wizkid mate? Ha ba !!!


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