Shiite mass graves must be protected to allow independent probe- Amnesty International demands


Amnesty International Nigeria has asked that the mass graves constructed by the Kaduna state government where 347 Shiite members were buried, be sealed off to allow for further forensic probe.

This appeal comes after Balarabe Lawal, secretary to the Kaduna State government, told a public judicial inquiry on Monday April 11th, that the the corpses of 347 Shiite members killed during the clash with Army, were taken from an army depot and buried in mass graves.

In a statement released yesterday April 12th, Amnesty International Nigeria said:

“The horrific revelation by the Kaduna State government that hundreds of Shi’ites were gunned down and dumped in mass graves is an important first step to bringing all those suspected of criminal responsibility for this atrocity to trial. It is now imperative that the mass grave sites are protected in order that a full independent forensic investigation can begin.”

Source: AFP

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  • Except of course the protection of the mass grave will be done by the Amnesty International, it will definitely be tempered with by the Tyrannical Kaduna state and the Federal governments

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