Teen Gunman Opens Fire On Students Leaving Their High School Prom

A teen suspect was gunned down by police after his involvement in a high school prom shooting on Saturday night. He showed up with a rifle and opened fire on students of Antigo High School leaving the celebration in Wisconsin, injuring two. Antigo Police Department have identified him as Jakob Wagner – a former student at the high school who graduated last year.
A woman claiming to be his neighbour, Hannah LeVeqe, reacted to the news on Facebook: She said, “He lived a couple houses away from me. I have known Jakob for a long time and when I knew him, he was a very sweet boy. He could have been battling a personal battle that none of us may understand.. Now I am not rooting for him, I’m just saying we are all battling something no one else knows about and we make irrational decisions. I am sending prayers to all of the families involved and all of the people involved.”A supposed friend of his named Sierra Violetta also reacted to the news on social media and said, “I am sad to hear about this. I didn’t know Jakob very well, but we talked a bit not too long ago. He was just telling me how he bought a new rifle, I didn’t know he was going to do this. This just breaks my heart. Rest in Peace.”

The teenage gunman who was shot by an officer in the parking lot, was taken into custody and transported to the hospital where he passed away.

Source: metro.co.uk

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