Today In African History: 5th April

Jomo Kenyatta, the supposed Mau Mau leader, was convicted and sentenced to seven years in jail (through the use of false testimony) in Kenya…

Kenyatta and five others were detained at Lodwar, a particularly remote desert army post. Kenyatta’s arrest came shortly after the Lari massacre that happened on 26 March 1953 where close to 100 people were killed and scores of others injured. This happened at Lari in Kiambu region, Kenya when Mau Mau freedom fighters attacked the area. Among the casualties was chief Luka from Lari, who was known for ill treating his own people as an indication of his loyalty to the British government.

The Mau-Mau Rebellion, with which Jomo Kenyatta was frequently associated with, served to inspire protest action in many parts of the African continent, including South Africa. This is because at the time of the rebellion, the Malan administration had began to implement its repressive laws.

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