Today in Nigerian History: 14th April

On this day in 2014, two bombs exploded at a crowded bus station in Nyanya, Nasarawa, killing at least 88 people and injuring at least 200. The bus station is 8 km southwest of central Federal Capital Territory.

Explosives hidden inside vehicles detonated during morning rush hour in a bus station in Nyanya on the outskirts of Abuja. After the initial blast, further explosions occurred as fuel tanks caught flames from nearby vehicles.

Abbas Idris, head of the Abuja Emergency Relief Agency, confirmed that 71 people had been killed and 124 injured. The bus station serves a poor, ethnically and religiously mixed community. By April 15, the death toll had increased to 75, as investigators continued to sift through the wreckage at the blast site. By April 18, the death toll had increased to 88, with more than 200 reported injured.


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