WoW!!! 9-Year-Old Girl Completes US Navy SEALs’ Obstacle Course


She’s probably not done shedding her baby teeth, but 9-year-old Milla Bizzotto is tougher than most adults. The four-foot-tall, 53-pound third grader from South Florida recently shocked the world with her incredible physical fitness, becoming the youngest person in the world to complete the 24-hour Battlefrog Xtreme race, an outdoor fitness event designed by Navy SEALs.

“I don’t want to play video games,” she explained in an interview with The Miami Herald. “I don’t want to hoverboard. I don’t want to do things to make life easier. I want to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I have one body and it’s all I want and all I love.” “I’m fearless,” she added. “And knowing I’m inspiring people makes me more fearless. It is hard, but that doesn’t stop me.

Milla revealed that she started training at the age of seven, with her father and CrossFit coach Christian Bizzotto, in a bid to overcome her experience of being bullied in the second and third grade. “People would call me names and say I wasn’t a good player,” she said, speaking to CBS Miami Local. So she wanted to learn to defend herself, and also become a role model for other kids like her.

“I don’t want people to quit because they don’t believe in themselves, because someone else says that they can’t believe in themselves,” she explained. “I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I did. I want to set an example and show other kids that they can do or be anything they want. I want to inspire kids to eat healthy and get outside and play. I want kids to stand up to bullies.”


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