Yobe Governor Tasks UniMaid On Boko Haram Research


Yobe state governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Gaidam, has tasked University of Maiduguri to conduct research on the causes of the Boko Haram crisis and come out with possible solution.

According to him, the university having situated at the heart of Boko Haram insurgency can play a great role of establishing academic programme that would reduce or prevent violent extremism, start socio-economic and psycho-social intervention projects in response to humanitarian crises brought by Boko haram insurgency in the Northeast.

Speaking while receiving the Fund Raising Committee of the University of Maiduguri for its 40th Anniversary, Gaidam praised the institution for the success it has made so far in producing leaders and scholars in the country since its establishment in 1976.

“One of the hall-mark of a university is the ability to embark on innovative use of its knowledge base and research findings to address challenges facing the immediate environment.

“I want to believe that being situated at the central point of Boko Haram insurgency, the university is undoubtedly placed in a better position y]to conduct deep research into the phenomenon of Boko Haram extremism than any other institution of learning. In this regard, we expect the University to think in terms of mounting academic program to reduce or prevent violent extremism as well as start socio-economic and Psyco-social intervention projects in response to the humanitarian crisis brought about by the Boko Haram insurgency…,” Gov. Gaidam said.

Gaidam also advised Islamic scholars in the country to take the challenge of educating misguided and misleading representation of Islam to the youths by some extremist groups.