10 Times NEPA Could Totally Make You Worthless

The relationship between NEPA and Nigerians is a love and hate one.

As soon as NEPA restores power it’s a blessing and prayers for them but when they rudely interrupt power, its instant curses on their generation.

NEPA has a way of making Nigerians feel good and totally miserable at the same time.

INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you the 10 times they could make you feel totally worthless.

1.When bae finally agrees to come spend the weekend at your place and NEPA decides to be Lucifer and never even flashes the light until she leaves

2.When the light goes off as soon as you plugged the iron to iron that shirt for the interview at 8am



What is this na…

3.When you’re seeing a very interesting show on TV and the light goes off and you know there is no fuel in the generator

I’m tired of this country sha…

4.When they bring this huge estimated bill even when you can correctly remember how many times and for how many hours you had light in the month…

Approximately 27 hours in April.

5.When they give you constant light for two days before they bring their bill and snatch it back soon after you have paid

What sort of nonsense is this, Corruption and fraud everywhere.

6.When you just made a one-week pot of soup with your last cash and put it in the freezer but NEPA suddenly forgets to put the light on for 10 years

I’m finished.

7.When NEPA suddenly brings high voltage that blows your TV, fridge and decoder adaptor and there is no place in your budget for any for of repair

Who send me to ‘on’ the TV oooooo


8.Or when NEPA came to cut your light when no one was home because you didn’t put your bill at your gate

Who does that…

9.How you look at your neighbour’s house after NEPA disconnects you

This is not fair…we are all Nigerians na

1o. When you didn’t charge your phone at the office because you thought there will be light at home

But you get the shock of the week, no light

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