13 Things You Can Relate With If Your Boo’s Grammar Is Bad

English is not our first language but that doesn’t excuse you if you mistakenly ‘gba gaun’ in public.

Here’s what’s worse , when you gba gaun and you don’t correct yourself immediately.

The ‘gba gaun’ will just linger in the air and everyone will give you that ‘Yes, I’m judging you’ look.

However if bae is the one that gba gaun’s all the time and you have to bear the embarrassment with him because God has put you together, let no one…

INFORMATION NIGERIA brings 13 scenarios  you can relate with if your bae can’t speak simple and correct English…..

1.When your parents who are lecturers in UNIBEN ask you to bring bae home

I’m dead..


2.When you attend a party with bae and he suddenly gets picked to say the opening prayer

Please don’t… Don’t do that.


3.When your friends want you and bae to hang out with them and their baes

I hate crowd please…

4.When bae tries to post something on your Facebook wall

Haba bros…

5.When you have to speak Yoruba with bae every time you go out together because you don’t want bae committing genocide with his grammar but bae just keeps switching to English like a pro

are you crazy


6.When bae suddenly starts speaking English while you guys are gisting on a danfo

jayz look awks

Please stop…please

7.When bae’s phone rings in public and you know he must English


Hay God…

8.When the woman selling amala is speaking Yoruba to bae but bae insists on speaking English and embarrassing your destiny

What is this na

9.When you get on a danfo with bae and the typical danfo argument comes up and bae insists on contributing no matter how hard you distract him


Must you talk…

10.When God does something big for bae and bae decides to go testify in church

cry carlton

Can I die now please…

11.When bae suddenly gets angry at a customer care agent at the bank and decides to give them a piece of his mind

I’m dead.

12.When you walk into your ex while with bae and they decide to strike a conversation with bae


Make me proud son…

13.And bae surprisingly doesn’t embarrass you but ditches out impeccable grammar even you have no idea how he did it



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