31 signs he doesn’t love you

Love is such a hard thing to define. To some people it’s a feeling; to others, it’s an action. And although it can be challenging to pin down exactly what love is, its manifestations are pretty easy to identify.

Here is a list of signs he isn’t in love:
1. He doesn’t remember things you tell him
2. He compares you to other women
3. He avoids physical contact
4. He doesn’t have respect for things that are important to you
5. He’s uninterested in solving problems
6. And when you try to solve problems it turns into a big fight
7. He doesn’t make time with you a priority
8. He tries to change you
9. He doesn’t offer to help you
10. He’s constantly on his phone when you’re together
11. His goals don’t align with yours
12. He doesn’t trust you
13. You are losing trust in him
14. It’s hard to talk about things that are important to you
15. He puts you down, even if it’s “joking”
16. His friends and family don’t know much about you
17. And he doesn’t respect your friends and family
18. Being around him doesn’t make you feel good about yourself
19. He doesn’t share personal details about his life with you
20. He never says “I’m sorry”
21. He tells you he needs space
22. It’s hard to have a good conversation
23. He’s easily annoyed by you
24. You’re not his No. 1 priority
25. He’s consistently negative
26. He keeps secrets
27. He doesn’t talk about the future
28. He’s not curious about your life
29. He doesn’t treat you differently than other people
30. He spends a lot of time talking to other girls
31. It’s not obvious that he loves you

At the end of the day, you can feel it in your gut. If he loves you, he will make sure you know it.

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