4 Things You Can Totally Relate To If You’ve Ever Taken an ‘Aboki’s Bike

Many Nigerian states have banned okadas(motorbikes) on their major roads because of the hazards that have occurred over the years. We all have see or head of many people who have lost the use of their arms or limbs due to okada accidents but do we stop even after we have sworn never to be on one? No!!! Its always the fastest way to get somewhere. Some riders, are however more careful than some but anyone who has ever been on a Hausa man’s bike, always often has cause to recall the experience. Wondering how it feels? well, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you these 4 things you are most likely going to experience…

Smelling jacket: You think you have seen the last of the smelling gutter you passed on your way to the bus stop until you land yourself on the okada of a very ‘not so clean’ aboki. From the eyelids, to the jackets to the toe nails, nothing seems to add up but you jump on the okada and go because its the fastest way to our destination.


Its cheap: Unlike other okada people, the ‘aboki’ bike is cheap. Where an Igbo okadaman or a Yorubaman charges for N200, an ‘aboki’ would gladly go for just N100.

Dangerously fast: Whether you are spiritual or not, something within you just starts to call on God,the instant the okada rider hits the road. They have absolutely no chills, they could just swerve in front of a trailer like there was a memo that trailers don’t crush people any more.

Never know the exact place: As soon as you tell them where you’re going, they just rush to give you a price and would only ask you later if you know the place (and lucky if you do) because if you don’t, you’ll just keep going around in circles.

Do you have any experience???


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