5 Things You’ll Understand If Your Nigerian Neighbour Has a Better Job Than You

Some Nigerians are pros at showing off and when they know their neighbours can’t afford the kind of life they live that takes the ‘showing off’ to a whole new level.We all know that all fingers are not equal so are salaries. They come in different sizes. From 5 figures to 6…

INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you 5 things anyone with a neighbour with a good job totally gets.

Uninterrupted electricity; Its like they have a stand-by generator attendant who switches on the generator as soon as NEPA takes the light. Within 2 seconds the generator in their flat has come up. Even with the most serious fuel scarcity they still manage to buy fuel and leave the gen on all day when there is no NEPA light.

Parties every other Saturday; Let the cost of five small tomatoes be N1k, your neighbour still go on to celebrate every occasion. With those rich neigbours, there is always something to celebrate every weekend and they know how to throw a good party. By good, we mean plenty food and drinks.

New cars; While you’re busy saving everything you earn on a new car which you still haven’t bought since you started working 2years ago, your rich neighbours are busy buying the latest edition of different cars and they would rub salt on injury by parking one of them in front of your flat.

New phones;You know your neigbours are not playing when one of their phones could buy some of your most prized possessions and they’ll make matter even worse by changing it so frequently, you’ll start to wonder if they’re trying to give you High blood pressure.

Children’s School;While their children attend an ivy tower school that cost a fortune, the fees for the neighbourhood school your kids attend give you nightmares whenever school is back in session.

And they say all men are born equal uh???



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