6 Things Any Nigerian Who Grew Up With Very Strict Parents Totally Get

Growing up with strict Nigerian parents is just the same thing as enrolling in the Nigerian Defense Academy, NDA. The drills were exactly the same and when you finish, you are as much a soldier as the NDA recruit. Some Nigerian parents take ‘strict’ to a whole new level and there word is law, no one dares break them. Those people who grew up with strict parents know exactly what to expect in this piece. We bet you are already relieving some unpleasant experience you had with your strict parents years ago. INFORMATION NIGERIA can relate and has outlined some of them here, lets check them out…

Never allowed out to play: Even when they are not home and there is no hidden camera watching you, you dare not step out to play hide and seek with kids in your neighbourhood. Even during long holidays, you are kept busy with holiday lectures at school and when you get home, they set their own questions for you like you’re praying for the world scholars exams.

Rigid bedtime: No matter what is happening on earth at the moment, when it is your bedtime it is your bedtime. You do not want to be caught awake and worst of all, in front of TV after your light out. Not even a respected neighbour could save you from what will befall you.






They are never wrong: Those kind of parents are always right. Even when they obviously messed up, they never ever admit it but some how find a way to make it your fault.

Friends were never allowed: You had the parents every of your friends were afraid of. You are not allowed to go to friends house after school or weekend and friends are not allowed into your house without their permission. Your obituary will definitely be announced if you attend a social event after school without their permission and by divine luck they found out and having friends of the opposite sex was totally out of it.

Inspection: You are not allowed to eat out and when you were finally allowed to attend a birthday party in your neighbourhood, you must wait till you got home for them to inspect the package you were given there before you eat it. When you go out visiting with them, you dare not eat or drink anything you were offered, unless of course you want to know what being bruised and homeless means.

Failure was no option: You dare not come  home with anything below an ‘A’ and coming out with first position is your life duty. It doesn’t matter whether there is someone more intelligent than you in your class, it was your responsibility as their child to be the scholar at all places and time.

Which did we miss guys???



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