6 Weird Facts You Never Knew About Pubic Hair


Pubic hair isn’t a popular topic of discussion, but it is something that we all think about privately quite often. Everyone (well, everyone from puberty age) has pubes. There have been a few studies and research done on pubes, and what has been found is kind of gross, a little alarming, and might make you reconsider everything you’ve ever done to remove it. Actually, these facts might make you wonder why anyone ever tried to get rid of it in the first place. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings to you in this piece 6 weird things you never knew about pubic hair:

Pubes Can Make Sex More Comfortable

Pubic hair can help trap and spread pheromones, which are sex hormones. “Pubic hair may also be there to provide a buffer and reduce friction during sex.” You definitely notice a difference in feeling down there when you’re completely bare and when you have a decent amount of hair.

Going Hairless Can Increase Your Risk Of An STD

A study done in 2014 found that removing pubic hair could increase the risk of contracting an STI or STD. There are a few reasons for this. One, studies have found that people who remove pubic hair have more sex and more partners (this is probably because most people who remove their pubic hair are doing so because they’re sexually active. Having more sex with more partners will always increase your risk of a sexually transmitted disease. Two, if you remove pubic hair by waxing and you don’t go to a clean place, you could get infected there. Interesting!

Having Pubes Can Help Fight Infections Down There

Removing pubic hair can be dangerous to a woman’s health. “Recent research shows that removing pubic hair can increase your risk of viral or fungal infection, ingrown hairs, or even skin scarring. You can pick things up from dirty surfaces, contaminated tools, or by introducing bacteria into newly opened pores or nicks after shaving or waxing.” This has been proven in other studies and research, so it is definitely something to consider.

Pubic Hair Is Transferred Between Partners During Sex

This news shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s still kind of strange. Research has shown that when you have pubic hair, and you have sex with someone, it gets transferred between both partners. This means that if their pubes are dirty or unwashed, it gets into your body, and vice versa. Stay clean, guys!

Most People Have Complications From Hair Removal

Okay, but seriously though: removing every hint of pubic hair constantly might not be the best idea as complications could arise. The complications includes but not limited to ingrown hairs or irritation.

You Can Go Bald Down There

Interesting little fact nugget: you can go bald down there! Hair loss medical conditions such as menopause, alopecia, and an underactive adrenal gland can cause balding

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