7 Hilarious Daily Struggles of Skinny Nigerians

What we see daily on the magazines, online platforms and TV shows are what could be done for plus size people to loose weight but no one really wonders what really skinny people go through. Nigerians have various names for skinny people without even bothering to wonder how those skinny persons feel about it. Aside from being told “you need more meat on your bones, ‘why don’t you eat a lot of eba or fufu’ and being compared to a twig and toothpicks, there are a variety of other problems only skinny people understand. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 10 0f them in this piece…

-When everyone just naturally knows your name without asking; Whether they are okada riders, traders, conductors, agberos or anyone else, as soon as you walk pass them, they have no way of holding the urge to call you ‘lepa’.


-Do you eat?; As far as you’re skinny in Nigeria, its obviously because you don’t eat and that’s always the question, wherever you go.


-Everyone just naturally assumes you are fragile and lazy and would break to dust if you even try to lift a bucket of water, is one daily struggle of being skinny.

Being told to be careful when it’s windy outside because you might just blow away

A Sweater & Jeans

It would almost be easier to find a two headed cow than to find a perfect jeans and the traders don’t help matter anyway but just simply asking you to give it to an ‘obioma’ tailor, who would most definitely end up ruining the heck out of the jeans.


People not failing to tell you that the food you eat doesn’t show on you and to them its just a joke but to you, its more serious than matters of national security.

People just assume you are young and disrespect you and because you don’t look like you hung the NYSC boots 5 years ago, its almost everyday that your neighbour greet you with the ‘how’s school’ or a jambite walking up to you with strong hope to get your number.

Not being able to gain weight no matter what you do, and people rolling their eyes when you voice this frustration to them because to them being fat is the problem not being thin.

‘You lost weight’; No matter how many times they see you, once they don’t see you in a little while, the next question is ‘you lost weight, were you sick?”

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