7 Pictures That Totally Describe the Struggles of Any Student Bad at Maths

Some people would rather walk through the valley of the shadow of death than face a mathematical problem. And like an unwritten law ‘ the fear of maths is the beginning of wisdom. You would totally relate to these struggles if you don’t like maths and don’t want anyone to amend your broken relationship with it. INFORMATION NIGERIA brngs you 7 real struggles of any Nigerian bad at maths…

1.Your face when your younger sibling brings you a maths problem and wants you to tutor them on how to solve it.

2.When you still mentally count your fingers when someone randomly asks you 3 x 2


3.When the teacher solves the example and it looks simple and gives class work that looks like rocket science and you wamt to run out for help but your class mates are at ease, solving every single one of them without complaining.


4.When you know that you just have to sit near your friend that knows maths during exam but that wicked invigilator comes and move you to another seat.

5.When it takes you approximately 2weeks, 6days, 22hours and 25 minutes to understand one maths problem your teacher just solved on the board but it takes your classmates less than 5mins.

6.When the principal just bumps into your class because you people were makin som much noise and suddenly gives you all a maths quiz and you know you’re going to fail because nobody throws a maths quiz at you like that.

7.Your face when your mom or dad asks you to tell them the equivalent in Naira when they get 50% off a deal. Its like your head is about to explode.


8.When you use your phone more as a calculator than you actually use it to make or recieve calls



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