8 Things Anyone From A Polygamous Home Can Totally Relate To

Nigerians from way back have always been polygamous. The strength of a Nigerian man in those days lied in how many wives they have and the huge number of children they could father, as children were equal to wealth. However, a number of factors contribute to the high rate of polygamy in the modern day Nigeria. Basically, there are cultural reasons, biological reasons, economic reasons and so on. It isn’t news the fact that women in modern Nigeria can afford to share their spouse with another woman. INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you 8 interesting things anyone from a polygamous home can totally relate to…

When your mom is the first wife and you see yourself as a first class citizen while the  children of the second and third wife as unfortunate little creatures that came to share from what should have been totally yours.


When your step mom tries to extra nice to you and the whole thing that comes to your mind is that someone is trying to kill you.

When all the children of the other wife/wives are doing spectacularly well and you and your siblings aren’t, then someone has obviously exchanged your stars.

When the king of the house(your father) somehow, just shows favouritism to a particular section of his children probably from his most loved wife and everyone else just feels like crap.

When your dad has to buy the same ankara for every single one of his 46 children and expects them to wear it on Christmas day or Sallah and you feel totally awkward because it feels like you all members of one community meeting.

When it isn’t your mom’s cooking week and you know the food share is going to favour you one tiny bit.

Or when its your mom’s cooking week  and you know you’ll get the lion’s share.

When you weren’t home when they shared the food and no one remembered to leave your portion because it wasn’t hardly even enough to feed the mouths at home.

Which did we miss guys???