9 Photos That Totally Describe the Plight of a Lagos Traffic Hawker

Street hawking has been for a long time a source of survival for many Nigerian families. Running after cars, buses, motorcycles and even Keke Marwa to market sausage rolls, soft drinks or plantain chips means living to them but have you ever wondered what these group of Nigerians go through in their daily endeavour to put food on the table for themselves and their families. INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you the 9 real struggles of a Lagos street hawker.

When you have to run faster than Usain Bolt to sell N50 bottle water

or when you finally catch up with the car or bus but the passenger tells you they are not buying because it is not cold

When they refuse to trust you with their money but always expect you to give them your own product while they ransack their pockets for the money and would hold on to the money and the product until you give them their change(for money that has not reached your hand)


When a reckless driver almost crushes you to death and you luckily escape but another one comes and crushes all your soda and bottle water that fell when you were escaping form the first car


When those hungry passengers on the bus ask you whether the gala you’re hawking is for free because you asked if they want to buy and you’re like ‘Is this not wickedness’




When everyone just naturally assumes you should be able to catch their fast moving vehicle like you’re not human too

When your only prayer everyday is for there to be very heavy traffic jam, so people will be very hungry and have no choice than to patronise you.

How you react when you hear the news that government want to ban street hawking


Or when the Kick Against Indiscipline, KAI, task force people chase you about because they want to arrest you and seize your goods

The hustle is real







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