Ali Baba’s Scorecard Of Pres. Buhari’s Presidency


Ace comedian Ali Baba took to his Instagram page to pen his thoughts on President Buhari’s score card after his first year of presidency.

Read the full post below:

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Check out the score card of #Buhari… Did you see the fight against corruption and how much has been recovered or stopped from being looted? Or how the government is trying to stop people from stealing the little funds that we have in the face of falling oil prices. Naaaaaaaaa. That can not be part of the yardstick. Meanwhile the reason all of these are in the terrible situation they are is because of corruption. But instead of us be looking at how the government is working to start building the foundation that will make every other thing work, we are expecting the economy to grow in the midst of the corruption. And I have a strong feeling that all of those who are now shut out of the chopping spree, are the ones that don’t want the institutions and legacy of fighting corruption to be strengthened. Because if the precedent is set and it is clear, anyone who comes back into government would have to comply!

Source: Instagram


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