Atiku Advises FG On How To End Militancy In The Niger Delta

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar on Tuesday urged Nigerians to give President Muhammadu Buhari a “pass mark’’ for his efforts in the first year of his administration. He made the call in Abuja at the launch of a book titled “We Are All Biafrans” written by Chido Onumah.

According to Atiku, Buhari promised to face five areas and he has accomplished two.

“He promised to look into issues like power, insurgency, unemployment, corruption and diversification and if you are to take two out of five, you can give him a pass mark.

“He has dealt with corruption and with Boko Haram. For power, give him time,” he said.

According to the former vice president, power supply issue is complex. He explained that unless the Niger Delta issue was resolved Nigeria may not get electricity soon.

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“I think the Niger Delta should be handled with a stick and carrot approach. In 2007, before I ran for president, I met with various stakeholders on the Niger Delta issue and they came up with a policy.

“Part of the recommendations was that the ministry be moved to the Niger Delta and not Abuja. We have had administrations that did not do their homework on the Niger Delta.

“If I had won, I would have sold 10 per cent shares in the NNPC; that will give me 20 billion dollars which would build infrastructure for the Niger delta but we will always end up with accidental leadership.

“Bring peace and development to the Niger Delta then they will stop blowing up pipelines. Then, we will get gas and then power can be stable but until then, we will not get it,” Atiku said.

Atiku also recommended devolution of powers to states and local governments.


  1. Great speech Baba Turaki.
    The truth is Bitter and can only the said by you, Kudos for the the speaking it.
    A true Statesman and leader like you helps in the development and building of a great country for the younger generation.
    Restructuring is the way forward for Nigeria and those privileged to be in power should look inwards for the development of our states which I believe will help give the youths(Boko haram, IPOB, MASSOB, The Avengers, OPC, etc)who are taking up arms against the states a sense of belonging and properly engaged, because an IDEAL mind is a TIMEBOMB.
    Turaki, real CHANGE is possible with you.
    We’re blessed to have you.