Blac Chyna fires back at critics that diss her pregnancy looks

Blac-Chyna-slams-critics (1)

Critics have attacked Blac Chyna over her lack of makeup and less than classy looks in recent times.

A very hormonal Blac finally slammed people criticising her looks as a pregnant woman on her Instagram page.

Putting the critics on blast, Blac commented:

“To all you people out here with negative comments and insecure words, (obviously because you have nothing else to do but criticize the next) I AM HAVING A BABY! Exactly what do you expect to see?! if i walked out in makeup and heels everyday to be beautiful to you means i will be MISERABLE and UNHAPPY which are two vibes i refuse to transfer to my little one.

“If i comment on y’all pics and go in on them tired ass weaves or unblended ass contours, i’ll be wrong right? it’ll be tragic. So stop playing and put some Respeck on my name.”


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