Buhari Warns Against Forced Marriages, Child Abduction

President Muhammadu Buhari, Friday, warned against forced marriages and child abduction in the country. According him, every child has the right to education and the right to live.

“Challenges posed by the total breakdown of societal values and the current unrestricted social media vices, which therefore, calls for an urgent need for all stakeholders to put all hands on deck in making conscious efforts at raising awareness of parents, family and communities at all levels on the critical role of protecting children against all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation including abduction of children, forced and early marriage,” President Buhari said at the 2016 National Children’s Day Celebration in Abuja today.

“As I said when I received Amina Ali Nkeki, the rescued Chibok girl, our determination and commitment to the protection of our children is unshaken, this government is resolute in our efforts at rescuing all the missing Chibok girls, the recent rescue of Amina Ali Nkeki and Sarah Luka by our gallant soldiers and the civilian JTF is a testimony to our unwavering resolve at defeating Boko Haram terrorists. No Nigerian should be put through the brutality of abduction, violence in whatever form or forced marriage. Every girl has a right to education and their choice of life.”

The president expressed the government’s commitment to promoting and protecting the rights of every citizen, including children, as it is the primary responsibility of the federal government under the Child Rights Act of 2007.


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