Buhari’s Economic Policies Are Without Direction – Junaid Mohammed

Former member of the House of Representatives in the second republic, Dr. Junaid Mohammed says President Muhammadu Buhari’s management of the economy is completely without any sense of direction. However, he said Buhari has done well in corruption.

He slammed the president’s decision to waste time before appointing ministers, only to end up creating meaningless ministries like Ministry of Power, Works and Housing as well as Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

“The power sector is in the worst crisis in the last 25 years. The public works department is in complete shambles. The renewed emphasis on housing is a way for the minister and his cronies to make money. It will not solve the lingering housing crisis in Nigeria,” he said.

“There is the additional scandalous conundrum, whereby one individual is the de facto CEO of NNPC, which is a civil service appointment.

“The same person is also the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, which is a political appointment,” Mohammed said.

According to him, Buhari is the Minister of Petroleum Resources only in name “because he doesn’t run the ministry on a day to day basis, which is the job of a Minister and GMD of NNPC.”

Besides, Buhari’s perception about how to run the ministry and the petroleum sector generally is “so rustic that he has no value to add to that important sector of national life.”


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