Children’s Day; 7 Very Interesting Facts About Today


Children’s Day is celebrated yearly on May 27th in Nigeria.

Ton mark’s this year’s celebration, President Muhammadu Buhari reassured Nigerian children and youth that his administration remain fully committed to fulfilling their promise of a better Nigeria for all them.

He noted that the good health and well-being of Nigerian children remain top priorities on their agenda for national development and they have demonstrated their strong commitment in this regard with the allocation of N12.6 billion in the 2016 budget for vaccines and programmes to prevent childhood killer diseases, such as polio, measles and yellow fever.

INFORMATION NIGERIA in celebrating this year’s Children’s Day brings you 7 very interesting facts about today.

1.The United Nations Universal Children’s Day 2014 falls on 20 November and it is a specially designated event to foster understanding between children and to promote international togetherness and awareness among children.

2.Universal Children’s Day was first declared a special day by the World Conference for the well-being of children in 1925 and then established internationally in 1954.

3.The UN General Assembly on 14 December 1954 recommended that all countries should introduce an annual event for children to encourage fraternity and understanding between children world-wide and it was recommended that individual member nations choose an appropriate date.

4.Nigeria celebrates its National Children’s Day on May 27, but the date for differ for other countries. US celebrates hers on the second Sunday of June, Germany on September 20th, Brazil on October 12, South Africa on the first Saturday of November , Congo and Cameroon on Christmas Day/December 25.

5.To mark the day in Nigeria, some primary and secondary school students are select participate in a march past.

6.The children are usually given treats such as an outing or doing jobs that adults would normally do. For instance, the main news of many TV and radio stations are presented by children.

7.Many religious, private and public organizations usually put together children’s party for privileged and less privileged children in a bid to give them a sense of belonging.

Did you know that Britain doesn’t celebrate a National Children’s Day.


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