Confusion Trails The Identity Of Rescued Chibok Girl

Chibok gilrs-15

INFORMATION NIGERIA reported on Wednesday that one of the over 200 Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram in 2014 had been rescued. However, as details began to unfold, so did different versions of the rescued girl’s name. The activist who found her gave her name as Amina Ali while the Nigerian army, in a statement confirming the report, gave her name as Falmata Mbalala.

The girl who was found with a child that was fathered by a suspected Boko Haram insurgent was found by local vigilantes in Kilakesa village on the edge of Sambisa Forest near Damboa.
Reports have it that, she was taken first to Chibok by the vigilantes who took her to the vice-principal of her school, who immediately identified her as Aisha Ali, which is her name in the school register before she was presented to community leaders as Amina Ali.
However, according to a Chibok youth leader, identified as Manaseh Allan, “It is common for children in Chibok to be called with one name in school and another at home.“
Meanwhile, Nigerians on different social media platforms have expressed their views on the rescue. While some totally believe the vigilante has done well and hope that more the girls be rescued, others think the story was made up to distract Nigerians from the on-going strike by labour on the newly increased petrol price.

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