Dangerous Gutter At Alapara Junction Akute, Causing Accidents (Photos)


A concerned Nigerian in Lagos who has been a victim sent this to 9janewsarena.com. Please read:

It will be my pleasure if Government can see to this issue of the dangerous gutter at Alapara junction Akute and give it the urgent attention it deserves before it start claiming lives [I hope none yet].

On Sunday evening May 1st 2016 at 8:10pm, I and two other persons fell victim of the dangerous gutter while going along Alapara Junction in a car. The car was trying to avoid other vehicles coming in front of us because the road was so small with that big gutter, within a twinkle of an eye we were already inside the gutter, we almost lost our breath in great shock within minutes.

People came to our rescue, they brought us out and checked if we were hurt, they found out we were fine and none of us sustained a ‘physical’ injury. As we were brought out of the car, some people around started recounting what they had witnessed at the same spot. One said ,”it has become a normal thing; vehicles fall into that gutter daily, many have sustained injuries and government is doing nothing.”
The road is unavoidable as it is the next option due to the fact that the bridge is still under construction.
Back to the accident, there some area boys at that junction whose work is using the incident venue to make money by pushing cars out of the gutter and get paid base on their negotiation with the vehicle owners. I got to know this by their negotiation with the owner of the car that I was in, when one of the area boys boastfully said “oga na everyday we dey carry motor out, we fit help you”.

Eventually, the owner of the car paid some amount.
They entered the gutter and started pushing the car while some of the area boys were outside trying to pull out the car, as they pushed the car, the car slide a little bit back to the gutter and hooked one of the area boys on his knee, after pushing the car away from his knee it was another issue because the young man could not walk again, his fellow area boys carried him out of the gutter while he was screaming profusely in agony, the leader of the area boys summon the driver to carry the injured guy on a bike to a near-by hospital for treatment.
One of the police men inside the amour tank intervened in the matter and sort it out, so the man agreed and took the guy to hospital with the money he has promised to give them if they helped him push out his car as promised.

Sadly, within a short period the guy’s leg had swollen, he was still screaming in pain as the bike took him and the car owner to a near-by hospital.

Also, a month ago, I took a shot of a car that fell inside that dangerous gutter not knowing that I will soon be a victim of that same spot.

Please let’s spread the news till it gets to our leaders table before someone else fall victim of that spot.

Source: 9ja News Arena

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