Dilapidation Of Police Barracks And Station In Obudu, Rivers State


In Obudu, Policemen Live And Operate Under Leaking Roofs, Dilapidated Barracks And Offices (Pictures)

Officers of the Nigeria Police Force in the Divisional Headquarters, Obudu live and operate in dilapidated barracks and offices unfit for human habitation CrossRiverWatch investigations reveal.

The station and barracks located opposite the local government council secretariat along Ranch road has been operational since 1979 and has since remained so without structural rehabilitation sources say.

Pictures taken with the help of spy midgets by this reporter, as he was not allowed to use his camera, show the inhabitable conditions the men expected to maintain law and order reside and operate in with very archaic tools to work with.

In the barracks, some roofing sheets have rusted with some caving in while the nettings on the windows have given way for mosquito nets with the fetcher board becoming food for termites and wood insects over the years.

Also, further findings reveal there is no computer in the station and the only functional typewriter the division has is located in the DPO’s office and was donated by the Venatius Ikem administration when he was LG Chairman under the then ruling Social Democratic Party (SDP) and has remained the only facility for typing documents in the station.

The walls of the offices are already revealing the mud that was used in constructing the barracks apartments as the cement coating is gradually giving way.

A few policemen who spoke to this reporter in low tones complained bitterly about their situation and prayed the governor who hails from the local government area and other relevant authorities to look into their plight as it was not fit for human habitation.

Some wondered how anyone in his right senses will expect officers who work in such conditions to effectively police the people up to those standards that the public expect.

Below are pictures:

Source: Cross River Watch

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