Dogara Denies Sneaking Sharia Into Constitutional Amendment

Speaker Yakubu Dogara has denied sneaking Sharia into the on-going Constitution amendment. According to him, the bill only seeks to amend the provisions of the Constitution to make some criminal aspects of the law applicable.

When the bill came up on the floor of the House on Thursday, it was not debated but referred to the adhoc committee on Constitution review, bringing up insinuations that it was a way of quietly getting the law into the constitution.

Responding to the criticisms, Dogara tweeted: “Bills are always gazetted before they are scheduled for second reading and gazettes are public documents.”

He explained further that “bill is not a regular bill that can be said to have passed second reading, passing it only meant it’s in the mill.”

“All such bills are read and referred to the House Special Ad-Hoc Committee on Constitution Review for legislative fireworks”, and “only the House Special Ad Hoc Committee on Constitution Review can propose a final bill on review.

“As it is there no proposed bill from the ad hoc committee yet, the bill in question is just a working document. Those talking about sneaking a bill are either ignorant of the process or plainly mischievous,” Dogara said.


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