Facebook User Wants To Meet His 5,000 Followers In Person

mr facebook

This Nigerian Facebook User  has decided to meet all his Facebook friends in person

According to a post shared on his Facebook page, a young man identified as Gaius Chibueze, has decided to take a nationwide tour to meet all his 5000 Facebook friends.

Chibueze who is based in Abuja, says he wants to be the first person to achieve this ‘feat’. He made up a roster with dates of his ‘meet and greet’ that will also extend to his Ghana based followers. Here’s what he shared on his page below:

“My name is Gaius Chibueze, a Nigerian.

I want to be the first person in the history of the world to meet all his 5,000 Facebook friends one on one. This I am already doing through a project I call “Mr Facebook World Tour A.K.A Facebookers connect”

The whole idea of my project is:

1. To bring the Love and Friendship we share online to the Real World.

2. To advocate for the positive use of the social media(Uniting the World with the Social Media.

3. Adventure. This project will see me become the first person in the history of the world to meet all his 5,000 Facebook friends one on one.

4. Facebookers Connect. (www.facebookersconnect.com) A platform aimed at connecting Facebook friends in each city who have close ties on the internet but haven’t met in real life. Such friends will have the opportunity to interact one on one and use this medium positively to reach out and touch lives of people in need (Physically Challenged, Orphans, School Drop outs, sick persons, skill acquisition training for the unemployed) in their immediate society”

Here’s another post he shared recently:

“The Facebookers Connect project of the “Mr.Facebook World Tour” is a platform which will bring thousands of Facebook users in each country together to discuss how humanity can use the social media (Facebook) to unite the world. During the tour, my Facebook friends and I will meet in interactive sessions real time on issues and challenges of common interest.

We will also bring hope to victims of war by visiting internally displaced persons (IDPs) and indigent members of the society with donations from all my Facebook friends, corporate organizations and other Facebook users in such countries.

Support the Mr. Facebook World Tour for Peace Project.”