FG Will Find A Solution To Tomato Scarcity – Ogbonnaya Onu


The harsh economic realities in Nigeria has left majority across quarters more devastated and hopeless than ever witnessed as it continues to add up yet with the pest ravaging the tomatoes.

The tuta absoluta pest has ravaged tomatoes across farms in Northern Nigeria as several states in the North have declared emergencies over the production of tomatoes. The destruction has been so bad that the Dangote tomato processing plant has suspended production in the interim.

The scarcity has forced up the prices of tomatoes as millions of Nigerians groan under what exorbitant prices which many have attributed to the government of the day.

However, the Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Ogbonnayu Onu, said the National Institute for Chemical Technology, Zaria, Kaduna state, has developed a home grown solution to the tackle the ravaging moth ‘Tomato Absoluta’ Aka ‘Tomato Ebola’.

While making known the development, Mr Ogbonnaya said ‘the agency has developed a pesticide that is very effective against the tomato pest using locally available material.’



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