FRSC To Start Impounding Vehicles With Fake Or Expired Tyres

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) on Monday said it would henceforth impound vehicles with expired and substandard tyres in the country.

The FRSC Corps Marshal, Mr Boboye Oyeyemi, made this known at the Stakeholders’ Forum on Tyres with the theme “Promoting Safe Tyre use in Nigeria”.

Oyeyemi said that all the crashes the commission had recorded from February 2016 till date had been tyre-related. He said that this could be attributed to the ignorance in the use and management of tyres by most drivers.

“We are going to start impounding any vehicle that has expired or substandard tyre and then we will arrange for the continuous journey of the passengers. That’s the new method to preserve lives.

“This is going to be done without fine but the driver will use money to go and buy genuine tyres with receipt before he would be allowed to continue his journey.

“Enough is enough to this. We need to take stringent actions as soon as possible to save more lives.

“Nigerians will have to choose between life and death.

“Its either you use a fake or substandard tyre and then with the temperature of 41 degrees have a tyre blow out and a life is lost or you buy a genuine tyre and play safe.

“New tyres are not so costly: with N11, 000 now you can get a new tyre, whereas these fairly used tyres cost between N5, 000 and N6, 000: the choice is yours,” Oyeyemi said.

He reminded Nigerians that “You can buy tyres, vehicles can be replaced but lives can’t be replaced”.

“The choice is yours, but on our part, we have decided that no vehicle can move forward with substandard tyre,” he said.