“God ministered to me to abandon Nollywood”- Patience Ozokwor


This has to be shocking to everyone who knows the actress’ history.

In a new interview with Startells at a crusade organised by St. Marks Anglican Church in Eziobodo Village of Imo State, the veteran actress shared her Salvation Experience.

She also stated that ladies putting on makeup, trousers and jewelry in the sight of God,and continuous usage may take those who do to hell.


Here is what she had to say: –

According to her, she normally organises a personal retreat for herself in the first few days of the new year. When it was time to have her 2016 retreat, she heard the voice of the Holy Spirit telling her to fast for 21 days, she complained that she have so many projects to handle, Endorsements and movies to shoot within that period, and the Lord extended it to a 30 days fast due to her complaints.


During this fasting period, The Lord revealed to her, how she will be a voice for him all over the world, how people’s attention will be channeled from her image on Nollywood to The Gospel. Patience Ozokwo said one of the things God warned her on, was her dressing and appearance.


She said that ladies putting on makeup, wearing jewelry and putting on trousers is wrong. She said that she has been preaching to colleagues in Nollywood, but God told her to cut off her dreadlocks, stop wearing jewelry and trousers, that she could have gone to Hell, if she died December 31, 2015 despite the preaching she’s been doing, just because of her appearance.

She asked the Holy Spirit to prove to her, give strong reasons, why that was a sin, and Spirit of God replied that she should browse about it, that Testimonies of personal revelations God gave to people are all over the internet, and all of them are saying virtually the same thing, that she should find those informations to help her life.

She made mention of her Social Class, how the creme de la creame of the society, will attend her funeral and how such event won’t be a reflection of the position of her soul.

She said that people in Church is making God cry, due to their dressing, their loose life and conduct.
After that encounter, she gave herself to spirit filled pastors for follow-up.

When asked about her Nollywood life, Patience Ozokwor narrated that the Holy Spirit has not specifically directed her to quit or to not.

She said that she has not shot any movie since that encounter in January, that she used to get an average of 1.5 Million Naira weekly, but that God has miraculously been providing her daily bread.

She warned that it will be harder for colleagues in the movie industry, with permanent tattoos and eyebrows when they eventually encounter Christ.

She also said that she should stop being referred to as Mama G, as that name was for when she was in the world.



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