Gord Brownie Battles Brain Cancer

Each year brings a clump of celebrity health stories but this year brings more sobering health struggles to some of our favorite stars across continent.

The lead singer of a Canadian rock band, The Tragically Hip, popular as Gord Downie is currently struggling with a terminal brain cancer.

The band announced on its official website that Downie has endured some really difficult times since he was diagnosed back in December.

52 year-old Gord Downie has been a charismatic singer as he has released three solo albums: ‘Coke machine Glow’ in 2001, ‘Battle of the Nudes’ in 2003, and ‘The Grand Bounce’ in 2010.

On each of these, he was backed by The Country of Miracles; ‘The Grand Bounce’ is credited to “Gore Downie and The Country of Miracles.”

For 30 years, The Tragically Hip has consistently proved itself as one of Canada’s most successful acts, racking up 14 Juno awards and nine No. 1s.


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