Gorilla Shot Dead To Rescue 4-Year-Old Boy


A Gorilla was shot dead on Saturday in Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in the US city in a bid to rescue a 4-year-old boy who fell in enclosure.

The little boy is said to have climb through a barrier and fell into a moat where he was grabbed and dragged by a 17-year-old western lowland Gorilla named Harambe.

While this remains fresh, it comes after a more recent story of two lions shot dead in a Zoo in Chile after a man entered their pen in a suicide attempt.

In response to critics who felt the Zoo employed an excessive force, The Zoo Director said the officials had to make a tough choice and they made a right choice because they saved the little boy’s life.

Neither the boy nor his family has been identified for further investigation.


  1. How about the parents get disciplined for allowing their 4 year old to somehow manage to climb through the barrier to get into that situation from the start. They ought to be identified and shamed. At the end of the day, gorillas are more at risk of extinction than us humans.


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